Rendering Web Development with Expertise

At SMACAR solutions, our goal is to provide our clients with unrivalled service making their imagination a reality. We offer Web Development services tailored to your needs and work at lightning speeds across a motley array of display platforms. In the CMS of your choice, we work to capitalize on your advantages to shine among your competitors and create an identity of your own in the digital space.

Capturing the Art and Craft of Developing Web Applications

Have an existing site that needs an update? Just starting out and need to carve your online presence? We’ve been there with our clients before and helped them realize their web app goals. Whether complex e-commerce platforms or content consumption sites, our Web Development team has worked on them and delivered at a high level. Our focus is the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack and generally that’s where we try to assist our clients. Are you envisioning using different technologies? We help you build websites that work on all devices using Bootstrap. If you are a burgeoning company with complex needs, fret not for we even work on Ruby on Rails. Let’s chat, but we’re upfront with every customer about our capabilities and will certainly not try to hide if we don’t feel we are the best fit. We have no interest in selling our Web Development services to you just to add another client, we want to make sure that both of us are in the best position to succeed.

The Secret Behind Our Success

Be it Drupal, Joomla, WordPress or any other CMS we have the professionals who will integrate your specified inputs by creating a website. With our expertise in Web Development, we build websites that works across all display platforms and with a user interface that is pleasing to the eye which is both attractive and structured to bring in ROI. Using AWS EC2 hosting and maintenance we make sure your performance stays the same even with fluctuating traffic. With a secure backend and impeccable speed, we create sites that capitalize on your strengths, be it content or visual cues. Our Web Development team have the required expertise to build sites that are scalable and cater to a large audience. We have the best content writers who will write compelling CTAs to convert traffic and make a user interface that is simple and easy to use. Be it customizations or platform migrations, you can always contact our Web Development team to get a site that is tailored to your needs and which showcases your uniqueness. In the end, it is all about you. We make your idea a reality.

Who are we?

We are your internal monologue. We have abundant experience in finding out our client’s requirements and make a working prototype by leveraging on the experience of our in-house Web Development team who rise to the challenge when the time arises. We predict the challenges and find possible solutions as you scale your website to cater to a wider audience. Our team consists of people who are highly creative and unique in what they do.

We would love to hear from you

You are here because you deserve value. We have deep belief in our strengths and we work hard. We place our clients first and listen to what they want. We put in all our efforts and talents to achieve extraordinary results. We work towards your requirements, the right type of website and how you can stand out among your competitors.