Smacar Solutions Offers Innovative Mobile App Development

At SMACAR Solutions, our goal is to provide our clients with an unbeatable level of service while delivering the project beyond their expectations. At the same time, we leverage a wide array of internal resources to manage costs and speed. We take pride in what we do, and that is pervasive in our relationships and solutions.With our expertise in mobile app development, we concentrate on developing versatile, engaging, innovative and user-friendly mobile apps at competitive prices.

Developing a Mobile Solution To Suit Customized Requirements

So you want to make an app?  Tell us about it. Across a range of platforms varying from Native Android using Android Studio to IOS native with Objective C/Swift, we have spent years helping organizations of all sizes develop mobile applications across a wide variety of platforms.  Through this experience, we’ve developed an internal skill set using the latest technologies from AR/VR to complex 3D gaming to provide valuable feedback and expertise to our clients. If you know exactly what you want, we can help you capture that vision on Android, iOS or hybrid frameworks like PhoneGap, Cordova and Unity 3D.  If you’re not at that level of detail, we’ll work with you to help design the wireframes and each piece of the UI/UX to help you achieve the success you’re seeking with your mobile app. We follow futuristic and agile model driven approach for mobile app development which helps us to build apps that work across all mobile platforms.

How do we do it?

Anyone with the proper training can write code. To do it well, to do it consistently, it takes more than just knowledge of a coding language. We’ve brought together a team of highly talented professionals and have developed a process to bake success into every project. But the most basic ingredient for us is communication. The first step is making sure we’re communicating with you, our client, effectively. This means making sure we understand your vision, your needs, and your requirements. It’s making sure that we communicate and relay feedback that is relevant and helpful besides being transparent in our relationships with honesty and integrity. From there, we leverage our mobile app development processes that adhere to industry leading standards to deliver tangible results quickly thereby allowing you visibility. What this means is, that our clients can provide feedback throughout the lifecycle of the project, not just a requirements meeting on Day 1 and a delivery meeting on Day X at “completion”. In the end, what we are about is fostering a successful partnership with you. Your success is our success.

Who are we?

We suppose this is a good time to tell you why we can bring you that success. We’re a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that are specifically recruited based on high standards of education, industry certifications and cultural fit. But it’s not our individuals (who are each independently amazing!), it’s our team. We believe that the strength of our team is our greatest asset, from experience to camaraderie.

Reach out today  

It’s fine to read about us on a web page.  But you are here because you’ve got something to do that we might be a great fit for.  So let’s talk and see if we align with you.  We are always happy to have honest conversations with folks to see if what we do is what you need.