Client: Bangalore based start-up

Objective: The client is a technology solution provider evaluating an opportunity to provide smart phone based automation of toll gate operations for different use cases including highways, malls, official complexes and residential communities / apartments. They required a proof of concept for the potential usage of beacon technology as a sensor and a micro-computer as an actuator along with mobile phone app that acts as a front-end for the user.

Solution: We engaged with this client to transform their idea into a demonstrable proof of concept kit. Using proximity beacons from a leading beacon manufacturer, we built an Android app that integrated with the beacon’s SDK. On detecting the beacon’s presence, the app was coded to connect to a page hosted on a micro-computer using WiFi, which in turn controlled an LED lamp through a bread board electrical circuit. We delivered a kit that included a beacon, a micro-computer, bread board circuit and an LED lamp. This along with the Android app enabled the client to demo the concept to potential customers and investors.

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